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    Zuzahya was the name of a place in Armenia where a battle took place on May, 20 521.In Bisotoun Inscription Dariush the King says: An Armenian named Dadarshi, my subject -- I sent him forth to Armenia. I said to him: "Go forth, that rebellious army which does not call itself mine that do you smite!" Thereupon Dadarshi marched off. After he arrived in Armenia, the rebels assembled (and) came out against Dadarshi to join battle. A place named Zuzahya, in Armenia -- there they joined battle. Ahouramazda bore me aid; by the favor of Ahouramazda my army smote that rebellious army exceedingly; of the month Turavahara 8 days were past, then the battle was fought by them.

    Tags:Ahouramazda, Armenia, Armenian, Bisotoun, Dadarshi, Dariush, Turavahara, Zuzahya

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