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    * Zayandeh River Culture *

    تمدن زاینده رود

    (Wikipedia) - Zayandeh River Culture
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    History of Greater Iran Until the rise of modern nation-states Pre-modern
    Proto-Elamite civilization 3200–2800 BC
    Elamite dynasties 2800–550 BC
    Jiroft culture
    Bactria-Margiana Complex 2200–1700 BC
    Kingdom of Mannai 10th–7th century BC
    Median Empire 728–550 BC
    Scythian Kingdom 652–625 BC
    Achaemenid Empire 550–330 BC
    Seleucid Empire 330–150 BC
    Greco-Bactrian Kingdom 250–125 BC
    Parthian Empire 248–BC 224
    Kushan Empire 30–275
    Sasanian Empire 224–651
    Afrighid dynasty 305–995
    Hephthalite Empire 425–557
    Kabul Shahi kingdom 565–879
    Dabuyid dynasty 642–760
    Alania 8th–9th century–1238/1239
    Patriarchal Caliphate 637–651
    Umayyad Caliphate 661–750
    Abbasid Caliphate 750–1258
    Tahirid dynasty 821–873
    Zaydis of Tabaristan 864–928
    Saffarid dynasty 861–1003
    Samanid Empire 819–999
    Sajid dynasty 889/890–929
    Ziyarid dynasty 928–1043
    Buyid dynasty 934–1055
    Sallarid dynasty 941–1062
    Ghaznavid Empire 975–1187
    Ghurid dynasty before 879–1215
    Seljuq Empire 1037–1194
    Khwarazmian dynasty 1077–1231
    Ilkhanate 1256–353
    Kartids dynasty 1231–389
    Muzaffarid dynasty 1314–1393
    Chupanid dynasty 1337–1357
    Jalairid Sultanate 1339–1432
    Timurid Empire 1370–1506
    Qara Qoyunlu Turcomans 1407–1468
    Aq Qoyunlu Turcomans 1378–1508
    Safavid Empire 1501–1722
    Mughal Empire 1526–1857
    Hotaki Empire 1722–1729
    Afsharid dynasty 1736–1750
    Zand dynasty 1750–1794
    Durrani Empire 1794–1826
    Qajar dynasty 1794–1925
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    Zayandeh River Culture (تمدن زاینده رود, literally "Zāyandé-Rūd Civilization") is a hypothetical pre-historic culture that is theorized to have flourished around the Zayandeh River in Iran in the 6th millennium BC.

    Archaeologists speculate that a possible early civilization existed along the banks of the Zayandeh River, developing at the same time as other ancient civilizations appeared alongside rivers in the region, such as the Sumerian civilization in Iraq and the Indus Valley civilization in ancient India.

    Link with Sialk and Marvdasht civilizations

    During the 2006 excavations, the Iranian archaeologists uncovered some artifacts that they linked to those from Sialk and Marvdasht.

    Archaeological discoveries

    Previous archeological excavations in the Zayandeh River basin unearthed a 50,000 year old cave containing Human and Animal remains.

    "Following archaeological studies, we are going to excavate two historical hills, one of which is alongside Zayaneh River midway, and the other in the Gav khooni swamp." said Mohsen Javeri, head of archaeological studies of the Cultural Heritage of Isfahan.

    According to Javeri, both of the selected hills of the site for belong to the pre-historic period, but their exact date is not yet known. During the 2004 excavations within the perimeters of Isfahan city, it was determined that the city dates back to earlier than the 6th millennium BC.

    Sources and references
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