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    کافه یزدانی

    (Wikipedia) - Yazdani Bakery Yazdani Bakery Restaurant information Food type Street address City State Country Coordinates
    Location within Mumbai
    Bakery and snacks
    18°55′59″N 72°49′59″E / 18.933°N 72.833°E / 18.933; 72.833

    Yazdani Bakery is an Irani cafe or Persian style bakery in Mumbai, India.



    The bakery was opened in 1953 by Meherwan Zend, a Parsee baker.

    The bakery

    All the products in the bakery are handmade, and baked in diesel ovens. The bakery draws a lot of visitors, particularly international visitors especially Germans. The building, built in the early 20th century, was originally a Japanese bank, which was later sold off.


    On December 11, 2007, the bakery was felicitated by Maharashtra governor SM Krishna the Urban Heritage & Citizens Award.

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