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    ولاسکو ، خولیو ولاسکو

    (Wikipedia) - Velasco For other uses, see Velasco (disambiguation). Velasco Meaning Region of origin Language(s) of origin Related names
    Family name
    Small raven, crow
    Basque Country, Spain
    Basque, Spanish

    Velasco (also Belasco or Belasko) is a Spanish family name and masculine first name derived from the Basque bela- meaning ''raven'' or ''crow'' and the diminutive suffix -sco. The name also made its way into Portuguese language as Vasco. Notable people with the surname include:

    Tags:1968, American, Argentine, Cardinal, Chile, Cuba, Florida, Governor, Iberian, Italian, Jos, Julio Velasco, Mexican, Milan, Olympic, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Portuguese, Rolls-Royce, Spain, Toledo, Velasco, Wikipedia

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