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    * Vehicle registration plates of Yazd *

    پلاک وسایل نقلیه استان یزد

    (Wikipedia) - Vehicle registration plates of Yazd
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    Yazd''s codes are 54, 64 and 74. But 74 is still not in use. In public cars, Taxis and Governal cars the letter is always the same. But in simple cars this letter (ب) depends on the city.


    54 is Yazd county''s code and all of the letters are for Yazd.

    ۱۲ ۳۴۵ ۵۴
    ۱۲ ۳۴۵ ۶۴
    City Letter
    Ardakan ب
    Taft ج
    Meybod د
    Bafq Bahabad س
    Mehriz ص
    Abarkuh ط
    Tabas ق
    Khatam ل
    Saduq م
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