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    (Wikipedia) - Vahdat For other uses, see Vahdat (disambiguation).
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    Vahdat Country Province Government  • Chairman of the town Elevation Population  • Total Time zone Website
    VahdatLocation in Tajikistan
    Coordinates: 38°33′11″N 69°01′14″E / 38.55306°N 69.02056°E / 38.55306; 69.02056
    Region of Republican Subordination
    Amirov Rahmonali
    870 m (2,850 ft)
    45 693

    Vahdat (also Vakhdat, meaning unity in Persian) is a city in western Tajikistan, just 10 km east of Dushanbe. In the last century the city has been renamed several times. The city was known as Yangi-Bazar until 1936, when it was renamed Ordzhonikidzeabad in honor of Georgian communist Grigoriy Ordzhonikidze. In 1992 after Tajikistan became independent the city was renamed Kofarnihon (Persian for "a place where unbelievers hide", کافرنهان) and in 2003 it was renamed Vahdat.

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