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    * Vaghaye Ettefaghiyeh *

    وقایع اتفاقیه

    Vaghaye Ettefaghiyeh Newspaper was founded by Amirkabir. The Arabic name means events happening which is not odd for a newspaper.Amir Kabir made a second indirect contribution to the elaboration of Persian as a modern medium with his foundation of the newspaper Vaghaye Ettefaghiyeh, which survived under different titles until the reign of Mozaffaroddin Shah. A minimum circulation was ensured by requiring every official earning more than 2000 Rials a year to subscribe. In founding the journal Amir Kabir hoped to give greater effect to government decrees by bringing them to the attention of the public; Among the items reported in the first year of publication were the struggles of Mazzini against the Habsburg Empire, the drawing up of the Suez Canal project, the invention of the balloon, a census of England, and the doings of cannibals in Borneo.

    Tags:Amir Kabir, Amirkabir, Arabic, England, Habsburg, Mozaffaroddin Shah, Persian, Shah, Suez, Suez Canal, Vaghaye Ettefaghiyeh

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