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    * Untash Napirisha *

    اونتاش ناپیریشا

    Untash-Napirisha (meaning Great God) was queen of Elam from about 1275 to 1240 BC.She was the daughter of Khumban-Numena. Her original name was 'Untash-Khumban', Today, she is best known for building the religious complex Dur Untash (Choghazanbil).Although construction in this religious city complex abruptly ended after Untash-Napirisha's death, the site was not abandoned, but continued to be occupied until it was destroyed by the Assyrian king Ashurbanipal in 640 BC. It is estimated that Untash-Napirisha attempted to create a new religious center alongside Susa and unite the deities of both highland and lowland Elam.

    Tags:Assyrian, Choghazanbil, Elam, Susa, Untash Napirisha

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