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    * Tehran Stock Exchange Services Company (TSESC) *

    شرکت خدمات بورس تهران

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    Tehran Stock Exchange Services Company (TSESC) (Persian: شرکت خدمات بورس تهران‎) is a subsidiary of the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE). TSESC was established on June 1994 in Tehran as an independent company owned by TSE and its members. The TSESC’s main function is to develop, maintain, operate, and promote systems for all stages of the trade-cycle services in Iran in order to attain highest level of efficiency and meet international standards. Specifically, TSESC is responsible to:

    TSESC has operating facilities in multiple locations throughout Iran.


    TSESC started its operation as a subsidiary of the National Informatics Corporation (NIC) of Iran in July 1984. Originally, TSESC developed, maintained and operated the computerized system of TSE used for trade and post-trade activities. In June 1994, TSESC was incorporated as an independent company under the ownership of the TSE, its members, and NIC. Currently, TSE and its members are the sole owners of TSESC. Additional services have been added to the list of its services since its incorporation as an independent company.


    TSE and its member brokerage companies own TSESC. TSE is the majority shareholder and few brokerage companies own a small percentage of shares at TSESC.

    TSESC is administrated by a Board consisting of five Directors: representatives of the TSE and member brokerage companies.

    Managing Director of TSESC attends board meetings.

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