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    خبرگزاری تسنیم

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    Tasnim News Agency

    Tasnim News Agency is a government news agency in Iran opened in 2012. Its purpose is to cover a variety of political, social, economic and international subjects along with other fields.


    Its stated aims are to defend the Islamic Republic against negative media propaganda campaign and providing readers with realities on the ground about Iran and Islam. The news agency has given large coverage to events such as the Arab Spring otherwise known in Iran Islamic Awakening referring to the uprisings across the Arab World which started in 2009. It also says adds that it is to promote Islamic principles across the world.

    As of 2014, Tasnim''s main headquarters for news is based in Iran''s capital Tehran, with reporters across the country and region sending in reports.

    Tasnim English News

    The English department of Tasnim News Agency, staffed with dual language speakers of both English and Persian provides readers with English versions of articles, news, photos, videos and analyses produced in the Persian department, but not necessarily every piece of the Persian products.

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