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    طاق بستان

    A collection of inscriptions and embossed Sassanid figues that are located at the entrance of Kermanshah. Together with the beautiful nature; mountain and water it's a perfect place to spend some quality time indulging oneself with ancient history. The first curvings are embossed figures of Ardeshir, Mitra, Ahouramazda. Then there's Shapour I and his son Shapour III. On top of each figure, there is a description in Pahlavi writing. The third part tells about a feast where birds and angels are present during hunting. The person riding a horse might be Pirouz or Khosrau Parviz.

    Tags:Ahouramazda, Ardeshir, Kermanshah, Khosrau, Khosrau Parviz, Mitra, Pahlavi, Parviz, Pirouz, Sassanid, Shapour, Taghebostan

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