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    (Wikipedia) - Sall For other uses, see Sall (disambiguation) and Salle (disambiguation). Not to be confused with the shampoo brand.Sall church

    Sall is a village and a church parish in the Favrskov municipality in the Danish region of Midtjylland. In former times the village has been known as Sal, Sald (Pontoppidan) and Salle (Trap). The village itself has a population of 229 (1 January 2014) and is placed in the middle of the Sall Parish. It is situated at 56°16′43″N 9°49′30″E / 56.27861°N 9.82500°E / 56.27861; 9.82500.

    In the village there is a church belonging to the Danish Lutheran church, a village hall, and a primary school covering the first seven classes with just under 100 pupils. There is also a Kindergarten and a repair shop.

    In the middle of the 20th century the village also had three grocery stores, butcher, baker, post office and several other shops. They are now closed. From 1914 to 1956 Sall was a station on the railroadline Aarhus-Hammel-Thorsø.

    Notable residents

    Jacob Jensen (1847–1882), who was a member of parliament, was a teacher in Sall from 1847–1882.

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