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    * Sadegh Khan Zand *

    صادق‌خان زند

    Mohammad Sadegh Khan Zand was Karimkhan's brother and the grandfather of Lotfali Khan.Sadegh Khan was the fifth Shah of the Zand dynasty, who ruled Persia from August 22, 1779 until March 14, 1781.Karimkhan's death in March 1779 was followed by a power struggle. His sons Mohammad Ali Khan and Abolfath Khan were declared co-rulers, but their rule was only nominal; real power was in the hands of their uncle Zaki Khan. After Zaki Khan's murder by the people of Isfahan, there was widespread rebellion. Ali Morad Khan, the commander of the royal army, who was sent to eliminate Agha Mohammad Khan, betrayed Abolfath and left the capital defenseless. Karim Khan's brother Mohammad Sadegh, supported by the Nizari imam Abolhasan Alī, collected an army in Kerman and invaded Shiraz, where he faced little resistance. On August 22, 1779, Abolfath died from a heart attack and Sadegh Khan became the ruler of Persia.On March 14, 1781 Ali Morad Khan captured Shiraz, and slew Sadegh Khan, and sat on the Zandian throne. He then ruled until 1785, when he was overthrown by Sadegh Khan's son Jafar Khan.

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