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    * Red Fish *

    ماهی قرمز

    Red Fish (Mahi Ghermez) is one of essential parts of the Haft-seen set of the Persian Nowruz. (Wikipedia) - Red Fish This article is about rock album. For a species of game fish, see Red drum.
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    Red Fish Studio album by The Moondogs Released Label The Moondogs chronology
    REEKUS Ireland
    John Peel Sessions (2003) Red Fish (2003)

    Red Fish is an album by the Northern Irish rock band The Moondogs, released in 2003.

    Track listing
  • "Getting off in Amsterdam"
  • "How can I tell her?"
  • "So beautiful"
  • "Bring on the sunshine"
  • "It feels so good"
  • "Oh no not so hard!"
  • "You wont find her"
  • "I am changing my life"
  • "A brighter world"
  • "I only called in to say Hi!"
  • "The boy who used to sing"
  • "EGO"
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