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    * Rais Ali Dilavari Dam *

    سد رئیس علی دلواری

    (Wikipedia) - Rais Ali Dilavari Dam
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    Rais Ali Dilavari Dam Country Location Coordinates Power station Installed capacity
    Construction of the Rais Ali Dilavari Dam
    Location of Rais Ali Dilavari Dam
    Bushehr Province
    29°37′29″N 51°05′15″E / 29.6248°N 51.0876°E / 29.6248; 51.0876Coordinates: 29°37′29″N 51°05′15″E / 29.6248°N 51.0876°E / 29.6248; 51.0876
    70 MW

    Rais Ali Dilavari Dam is a hydroelectric dam in Iran with an installed electricity generating capability of 70 MW. It is situated in Bushehr Province.

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