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    * Mahmoud Djam *

    محمود جم

    (Wikipedia) - Mahmoud Djam Mahmoud Djam 39th Prime Minister of Iran Monarch Preceded by Succeeded by Deputy Prime Minister of Iran Prime Minister Personal details Born Died Political party Religion
    In office 3 December 1935 – 26 October 1939
    Reza Shah
    Mohammad-Ali Foroughi
    Ahmad Matin-Daftari
    In office 26 December 1930 – 3 December 1935
    Mehdi Hedayat
    1884 Tabriz, Iran
    1969 (aged 84-85) Tehran, Iran
    E''tedalion Party

    Mahmoud Modir al Molk Djam (1884 – 1969) was a prime minister of Iran from 1935 to 1939.


    Early life

    Djam was born in Tabriz in around 1884.


    Djam learned French from a Frenchman in Tabriz and began to work as a translator at the French legation. In 1921, he was appointed foreign minister to the cabinet of Seyyed Zia. He served as finance minister in the cabinet headed by Reza Shah. Then Djam served as governor of Kerman and Khorasan. In September 1933, he was appointed interior minister. From December 1935 to October 1939 he served as prime minister. The Persian Corridor was inaugurated during his premiership. From October 1939 to September 1941 Djam was the minister of court. Next, he served as Iran''s ambassador to Egypt. In 1948, he was again appointed minister of court. Next, he was named ambassador to Italy. Until his death he was a senator.

    During his public service, Djam was a member of the Committee of the Iron (Committee-e Ahan).


    He died in Tehran in 1969.

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