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    Magic most commonly refers to:

    • Magic (paranormal), the use of paranormal methods to manipulate natural forces (e.g., witchcraft)
    • Magic (illusion), the art of appearing to perform supernatural feats (e.g., magic tricks)
    • Magic in fiction, attributed to extraordinary beings or objects (commonly, as magical or magically)

    Magic or Magick may also refer to:

    • 1 Aviation
    • 2 Computing
    • 3 Film and television
    • 4 Literature
    • 5 Music
      • 5.1 Albums
      • 5.2 Songs
    • 6 Nautical
    • 7 Radio stations
    • 8 Sports
    • 9 Technology
    • 10 Other uses
    • 11 See also
    • DTA Magic, a French ultralight trike wing
    • Eurodisplay SR-01 Magic, a Czech ultralight aircraft
    • Magic (programming), complex code behind a simple interface
    • Magic (software), a layout tool
    • Magic Software Enterprises, a software company
    • MagiC, an Atari ST operating system
    • MAJC, a microprocessor design
    • Gibson MaGIC, a network audio protocol
    • Multi Autonomous Ground-robotic International Challenge, a robotics competition
    • MAGIC, a programming language by MEDITECH
    Film and television
    • Magic (TV channel)
    • Magic (1917 film), a silent Hungarian drama
    • Magic (1978 film), an American horror film
    • Magic (Asimov), a short story collection
    • Magic (magazine), a magazine for magicians
    • Magic (music magazine)
    • Magic (novel), by William Goldman
    • The Magic Comic, a 1939-1941 comic
    • Magick (Book 4), by Aleister Crowley
      • Magick (Thelema), an archaic spelling of the word magic which was adopted and popularized by Aleister Crowley in his writings about ritual magic and the religious philosophy of Thelema, especially the book of the same name
    • Magyk, a novel by Angie Sage
    • Magic featuring Tony Burrows
    • Magic (rapper) (1975–2013), also known as Mr. Magic (real name Awood Johnson), American rapper
    • MAGIC!, Canadian reggae-pop band
    • Magick (album), by John Zorn
    • "Magick" (Klaxons song)
    • "Magick", by Ryan Adams & the Cardinals on the album Cardinology
    • Magic (B''z album)
    • Magic (Tom Browne album)
    • Magic (Djumbo album)
    • Magic (Gillan album)
    • Magic (The Jets album)
    • Magic (Jorma Kaukonen album)
    • Magic (Axel Rudi Pell album)
    • Magic (Smash Mouth album)
    • Magic (Bruce Springsteen album)
    • Magic (Amii Stewart album)
    • Magic (T-Connection album)
    • Magic (Jolin Tsai album)
    • Magic (Twins album)
    • Magic, an album by Paul Mauriat
    • Magic, an album by Dreams Come True
    • "Magic" (Coldplay song)
    • "Magic" (B.o.B song)
    • "Magic" (The Cars song)
    • "Magic" (Disco Montego song)
    • "Magic" (Nick Drake song)
    • "Magic" (Future song)
    • "Magic" (Ladyhawke song)
    • "Magic" (MAX song)
    • "Magic" (Olivia Newton-John song)
    • "Magic" (One Direction song)
    • "Magic" (Pilot song)
    • "Magic" (Secret song)
    • "Magic" (The Sound of Arrows song)
    • "Magic" (Bruce Springsteen song)
    • "Magic" (Robin Thicke song)
    • "Magic," by Rina Aiuchi
    • "Magic," by Ben Folds Five on the album The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner
    • "Magic," by Colbie Caillat on the album Coco
    • "Magic," by Selena Gomez on the album Wizards of Waverly Place
    • "Magic," by Pussycat Dolls on the album Doll Domination
    • "Magic", by Smash Mouth
    • "Magic", by Mick Smiley on the soundtrack to the film Ghostbusters
    • "Magical" (song), a song by John Parr, also recorded by Bucks Fizz
    • Magic (log canoe)
    • HMS Magic, the name of several Royal Navy ships
    • Carnival Magic, a cruise ship operating 2011–present
    • Disney Magic, a cruise ship operating 1998–present
    Radio stations

    Sorted by frequency, then by city:

    • CIMJ-FM (Majic 106.1), in Guelph, Canada
    • CJMJ-FM (Magic 100.3), in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    • CJMK-FM (Magic 98.3), in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
    • CJUK-FM (Magic 99.9), in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
    United States
    • WMGS (Magic 93), in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
    • KTIK-FM (Magic 93.1), in Boise, Idaho, formerly KZMG
    • WTHZ (Majic 94.1), in Greensboro, North Carolina
    • WAJI (Majic 95.1), in Fort Wayne, Indiana
    • KKMJ-FM (Majic 95.5), in Austin, Texas
    • KNEV (Magic 95.5), in Reno, Nevada
    • WMJJ (Magic 96.5), in Birmingham, Alabama
    • WMGN (Magic 98.1), in Madison, Wisconsin
    • WMGQ (Magic 98.3), in New Brunswick, New Jersey
    • KYMG (Magic 98.9), in Anchorage, Alaska
    • KKMG (98.9 Magic FM), in Colorado Springs, Colorado
    • WSPA-FM (Magic 98.9), in Spartanburg, South Carolina
    • KMGA (99.5 Magic FM), in Albuquerque, New Mexico
    • WDYK (Magic 100.5), in Cumberland, Maryland
    • WMJM (Magic 101.3), in Louisville, Kentucky
    • WLTB (Magic 101.7), in Binghamton, New York
    • WLMG (Magic 101.9), in New Orleans, Louisiana
    • WMXJ (Magic 102.7), in Miami, Florida, formerly known as Majic 102.7
    • KMGL (Magic 104.1), in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    • WMGC-FM (Magic 105.1), in Detroit, Michigan, formerly branding
    • WMJI (Majic 105.7), in Cleveland, Ohio
    • WMJX (Magic 106.7), in Boston, Massachusetts
    • WJGH (Magic 107.3), in Jacksonville, Florida
    • WMGF (Magic 107.7), in Orlando, Florida
    • KMAJ-FM (Majic 107.7), in Topeka, Kansas
    • WROW (Magic 590), in Albany, New York
    Elsewhere Sports
    • Magic Johnson (born 1959), American basketball player and businessman
    • Orlando Magic, a basketball team
    • Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic, a netball team
    • HTC Magic, a mobile phone
    • R.550 Magic, a missile
    • Magnesium injection cycle, an engine design
    • Magic (cryptography), a WWII cryptanalysis project
    • MAGIC (telescope)
    Other uses
    • Magic (company), a magic book publisher and product retailer
    • Magic (horse)
    • Magic (laundry)
    • MAGIC (postgraduate mathematics)
    • Magic (trade show), an annual apparel show
    • Magic, Inc. (organization), an educational think tank
    • Magic: The Gathering, a trading card game
    • Multi-Agency Geographic Information for the Countryside, a UK mapping service

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