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    Machado is a surname commonly found in Spain, Latin America, Portugal, and Brazil, derived from Latin (Marculatum) Machado meaning axe. In Aramaic Makkaba and Modern Hebrew Makebet - also spelled Machabees - it is the surname of Judas Machabee, that was later extended to all the descendants of Matityahu ben Yoḥanan HaKohen, head of the Hasmonean family, who had 5 sons. Jewish Encyclopedia reveals faithfully 5 hammers hatchets for this Coat of Arm family’s surname. The surname may be associated with Jewish background as listed in Archivio di Stato di Genova, Comunità Israelitica di Genova. (State Arquives of Genova – Israelite Community of Genova). Jews are attested in Genova since Roman times. Two letters written in the years 507 and 511 by Theodoric, the Ostrogothian king, speak about "jura veterum" (old rights) of the Jews and the right to "rebuild" the roof of the synagogue given to the Jews of Genova. This surname is one of the most frequent found in documents from Genova’s Synagogue (Italy).

    The word machado means axe in the Portuguese language.

    Notable people with the surname include:

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