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    * List of islands of Iran *

    فهرست جزیره های ایران

    (Wikipedia) - List of islands of Iran
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    This is a list of islands of Iran.


    Coastal islands Persian GulfInhabitedUninhabited
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    Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf
    • Abbasak
    • Abu Musa Island
    • Buneh Island
    • Dara Island
    • Farsi Island
    • Forur Bozorg Island
    • Forur Koochak Island
    • Forurgan Island
    • Germ Island
    • Greater and Lesser Tunbs
    • Hendurabi Island
    • Hengam Island
    • Hormuz Island
    • Jonobi Island
    • Kharg Island
    • Kish Island
    • Larak Island
    • Lavan Island
    • Nakhiloo Island
    • Ommolkorm Island
    • Qabre Nakhoda Island
    • Qeshm Island
    • Rostam Island
    • Shif Island
    • Shidvar Island
    • Sirri Island
    • Shomali Island
    • Smaller Bent Island
    Caspian Sea Inland islandsAras River

    427 islands shared with Turkey and Azerbaijan. Including, but not limited to:

    Arvand RudBakhtegan LakeTashk Lake

    Tashk Lake is located at 29°43′43″N 53°32′43″E / 29.7286°N 53.5453°E / 29.7286; 53.5453 (Tashk Lake)

    Salt Lake (Dasht-e-Kavir)Lake Urmia

    Lake Urmia has 102 islands:

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