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    Persian title for the person as head of a tribe before introduction of Sheikh by Arabs and Khan by Mongols,List of Kiani kings of Iran:- Kay Qobad- kay Kavoos, grandfather of Kay Khosrau- Kay Khosrau son of Siavash Kiani king- Kay Lahrasb- Kay Gashtasb- Kay Bahman- Kay Homay- Darab- Dara- Alexander (Wikipedia) - Kay Kay Pronunciation Gender Other names Related names
    Katherine, Kaye, Kayanna, Kail, Kayla, Kaylee,Kaylin,Kaylynn
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    The name Kay (/kay/) is found both as a surname (see Kay (surname)) and as a given name. In English-speaking countries, it is usually a female name, often a short form of Katherine or one of its variants; but, it is also used as a first name in its own right, and (more often in non-English speakers) as a boy''s name (for example in India). The alternative spelling of Kaye is encountered as a surname, but also occasionally as a given name; for instance, actress Kaye Ballard.


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