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  • Section: Herbalism /Saturday 12th October 2013

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    * Kakootea *

    Kakuti*Kakooti*Kəhlik oti*Keklik otu

    کاکوتی ، کهلیک اُتی*ککلیک اوتی

    kakootea (Also spelled kakuti, kakooti): In Persian & Turkish cuisine, the Kakootea herb is traditionally used to give a minty flavour to food such as yogurt and salad. However, Kakootea has medicinal benefits: Kakootea is good for digestive system, making the stomach healthier. Kakootea is used for treatment of Respiratory System but it's major use is for treatment of diarrhea and similar stomach disorders such as Abdominal pain‎, Rectal tenesmus. Extract of Kakootea through distillation (Aragh-e Kakooti) is good for nerves, disinfection of respiratory and digestive systems, it also improves sight and treats insomnia.

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