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    جوانمرد قصاب

    Javanmard Ghassab is a legendary personality whose mosauleum is located in Rhagae south of Tehran in a district in his name. The book Nejatolgholub has mentioned him as a brave national hero.According to the legend, Javanmard Ghassab was a butcher who refused to sell meat to a servant because she had made him angry several times complaining about the quality of the meat. Imam Ali was passing by and heard the maid crying; and consequently learned about the dispute. Imam Ali asked Javanmard to give the maid the meat she wanted but the butcher. Javanmard was a devoted Shia Muslim but did not recognize Imam Ali by face and refused to give the maid what she wanted with a bold gesture of his arm. After Ali left, Javanmard learned about his true identity and felt ashamed about what he had done before. He then cut his own eyes and arm out and sent them to Imam Ali in grievance demanding for forgiveness. Imam Ali miraculously cured him and placed back his eyes and hands by reading a Fatiha.Similar stories have been narrated in other books and there are other Mausoleums known as the grave of Javanmard Ghassab in many places in Greater Iran.

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