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    (Wikipedia) - Jalal For the month, see Badi Calendar. For places in Iran, see Jalal, Iran. "Galal" redirects here. For the villages in Iran, see Galal, Iran.

    Jalal (جلال) is an Arabic masculine given name. The word Jalal is also found in Urdu and Persian language dictionaries, with near-identical meanings in all three languages. The word Jalal (جلال), appears twice in Qur''an as (ذو الجلال والإكرام), both in Surat al-Rahman, in verse number 27 and 78, as an attribute of Allah.

    Jalal Gender Origin Word/name Meaning
    Brilliance, greatness, superiority, renown, majesty (variant of King) in Arabic. Splendor, imposing, awesomeness, enthusiasm, glorious in Urdu. Refulgence, kudos, glory, honest in Persian.
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    Given name Given name or honorific Family name

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