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    Moscow, Russia (January 13, 1933 (1933-01-13))
    Sergey Vladimirovich Ilyushin
    Moscow, Russia
    Military, transport and civilian aircraft
    United Aircraft Corporation

    Open Joint Stock Company «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» , operating as Ilyushin (Ilyushin) (Russian: Илью́шин) or Ilyushin Design Bureau, is a Russian design bureau and aircraft manufacturer, founded by Sergey Vladimirovich Ilyushin. Ilyushin was established under the Soviet Union. Its operations began on January 13, 1933, by order of P. I. Baranov, People''s Commissar of the Heavy Industry and the Head of the Main Department of Aviation Industry. In Soviet/Russian nomenclature, aircraft from Ilyushin are prefixed Il. The head office of Ilyushin is located in Aeroport District, Northern Administrative Okrug, Moscow.

    Aviation Industries Ilyushin is a subsidiary established in 1992 to act as Ilyushin''s marketing and customer service arm.

    Ilyushin has developed aircraft for widely varying roles over the years. The Russian government has merged Ilyushin with Mikoyan, Irkut, Sukhoi, Tupolev, and Yakovlev under a new company named United Aircraft Corporation.

    3.7.2014 and 25.7.2014 information from Board of Directors OAO Il about integration between Ilyushin and Myasishchev.


    Notable aircraft

    Notable Ilyushin aircraft include:

    Fighters Ground attack Bombers Transport Passenger aircraft Reconnaissance Trainer Experimental Gallery
    Il-2 Shturmovik Il-18 ''Coot'' on display Il-38 ''May''
    Ilyushin Il-76 Il-78 ''Midas'' Il-96

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