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    (Wikipedia) - Hakim This article is about the use of Hakim as a name. For the full article on its use as a title or honorific and the distinction between ḥākim and ḥakīm, see Hakim (title).

    Hakim or Al-Hakim (commonly Arabic: حكيم ḥakīm‎ "wise" or Arabic: حاکم ḥākem‎ "ruler") is a male given name. Variant transliterations include Hakam (or Al-Hakam), Hakm (or Al-Hakm), Hakum (or Al-Hakum), Hakeem (or Al-Hakeem) and Hakem (or Al-Hakem) .

    It may refer to:


    People Title See also: Hakim (title) Honorific Patronymic Given name Family name Places and things

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