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    غزنوی ، دولت آل ناصر

    Related to Ghazneh (The city)Ghaznavid dynasty : (977-1186) Turkish dynasty that ruled in Khorasan (northeastern Iran), Afghanistan, and northern India.It was founded by Seboktakin (r. 977-997), a former slave. His son Mahmood (998-1030) enlarged the empire to its greatest extent; during his reign, Ferdowsi wrote the epic Shahnameh ("Book of Kings"). Maḥmood's grandson Masood I (1031-41) lost the western half of the empire to the Seljuk dynasty. The Ghaznavids continued to rule their eastern provinces until they were defeated by the Ghurid dynasty in 1186. They are noted for their architecture and for their patronage of the arts and sciences. (Wikipedia) - Ghaznavi For the village in Iran, see Ghaznavi, Iran.

    Ghaznavi (غزنوی) is an Persian family name meaning "from Ghazni", it may refer to:

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