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    Ecbatana Location Region Coordinates Type
    Golden rhyton from Iran''s Achaemenid period, excavated at Ecbatana (Tell Hagmatana). Kept at National Museum of Iran.
    Shown within Iran
    Hamedan, Hamadan Province, Iran
    Zagros Mountains
    34°48′23″N 48°30′58″E / 34.80639°N 48.51611°E / 34.80639; 48.51611Coordinates: 34°48′23″N 48°30′58″E / 34.80639°N 48.51611°E / 34.80639; 48.51611
    Underground excavations in Ecbatana (Tell Hagmatana)Excavations in Ecbatana (Tell Hagmatana)

    Ecbatana (Old Persian:

    Tags:Achaemenid, Ecbatana, Hamadan, Hamedan, Iran, Medes, National Museum of Iran, Old Persian, Persian, Wikipedia, Zagros, Zagros Mountains

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