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    - Abolhasan Ebtehaj was an Iranian entrepreneur who is known to have first implemented the American style economic planning in Iran. Born on Nov, 29, 1899 in Rasht, his father sent him abroad to study at the age of 11. His Anglophile father was killed by the Jungle Movement because of his ties to the British.He returned to Iran in 1918 and worked for the British occupation forces before being employed at the Imperial Bank of Persia. He became the head of the Planning and Budget Organization of Iran.He was arrested a couple of times for various charges. He founded the Bank of Iranians after being dismissed from state duties and went abroad afterwards.Ebtehaj died in London in Feb, 25, 1999.

    Tags:American, Anglophile, British, Ebtehaj, Imperial Bank of Persia, Iran, Iranian, Jungle Movement, London, Persia, Rasht

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