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    The C10k problem is the problem of optimising network sockets to handle a large number of clients at the same time. The name C10k is a numeronym for concurrently handling ten thousand connections. The problem of socket server optimisation has been studied because a number of factors must be considered to allow a web server to support many clients. This can involve a combination of operating system constraints and web server software limitations. According to the scope of services to be made available and the capabilities of the operating system as well as hardware considerations such as multi-processing capabilities, a multi-threading model or a single threading model can be preferred. Concurrently with this aspect which involves considerations regarding memory management (usually operating system related), strategies implied relate to the very diverse aspects of the I/O management.

    Servers which address the problem

    Several web servers have been developed to counter the C10K problem:

    There is a benchmark done for comparing the performance of various web frameworks supporting c10k solutions.

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