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    بركيارخ ، أبوالمظفر ركن الدنيا والدين بركياروق بن ملكشاه

    Abol-Mozaffar Roknoddin Barkiarok was the sultan of Great Seljuk from 1094-1105.He was a son of Malekshah I and participated in the succession wars against his three brothers, Sultan Mahmoud I, Ahmed Sanjar, and Sultan Mohammad I.Barkiyaruq ascended to the throne young, and his detractors thought him too inexperienced and accused him of being a drunkard. He waged war to regain control of the core Seljuk land, lands that are today part of Iraq,Turkey,Afghanistan,Turmenistan,Tajikestan and Iran. His land bordered Syria when the Crusaders arrived to battle the Kilij Arslan on the First Crusade, but at the time his main concern was controlling Mosul, Aleppo and Damascus, which were ruled in his name, but controlled by rivals.In 1105, Barkiyaruq died in Boroujerd. It has been reported that his body was returned to Isfahan but a tomb 5 km north of Boroujerd called Zavvarian is believed to belong to him. (Wikipedia) - Barkiyaruq Barkiyaruq Reign Predecessor Successor Issue House Father Born Died Religion
    Sultan of the Seljuq Empire
    Artwork of Barkiyaruq
    Mahmud I
    Malik-Shah II
    Malik-Shah II
    House of Seljuq
    Malik-Shah I
    1105 (aged 25) Borujerd
    Sunni Islam

    Abu al-Muzaffar Rukn ud-Din Barkyaruq ibn Malikshah (Persian: ابو المظفر رکن الدین رکن الدین برکیارق بن ملکشاه‎), better known as Barkyaruq, a Turkic word which means (firm, unwavering light), was the sultan of the Great Seljuq empire from 1092 to 1105.


    Early life

    Barkiyaruq was born in 1079/1080, he was the oldest son of Malik Shah I, and a Seljuq princess. He had three brothers named Mahmud I, Ahmed Sanjar, Mehmed I, Dawud, and Ahmad.

    During his youth, the succession to the Seljuq sultanate was complicated by the death of two of his half-brothers: Dawud (died 1082) and Ahmad (died 1088), whom both were sons of the Kara-Khanid Princess Turkan Khatun, she also had a named Mahmud (born 1087) which she wanted to succeed his father, while the vizier Nizam al-Mulk and most of the Seljuq army was in favor of Barkiyaruq, the oldest of all Malik Shah''s living sons and born to a Seljuq princess. Turkan Khatun then allied with Taj al-Mulk Abu''l Ghana''im to try to remove Nizam from his post. Nizam was later assassinated in 1092, which made Barkiyaruq lose a powerful supporter. Barkiyaruq''s father eventually died some months later. Turkhan Khatun then took the opportunity of his death, and with the support of Taj al-Mulk, put her 4 year old Mahmud I on the throne, while Barkiyaruq was proclaimed as Sultan of the Seljuq Empire at Ray by the faction of the dead vizier Nizam al-Mulk.


    However, Mahmud I was not the only Seljuq claimant to the throne, several other Seljuq princes such as Arslan-Argun, Mehmed I, and Tutush I, also claimed the throne. Taj al-Mulk was later assassinated by the ghulams of Nizam al-Mulk, while Turkhan Khatun and her son Mahmud I died in 1094. One year later, Barkiyaruq clashed with Tutush I at Ray, where Barkiyaruq managed to emerge victorious and kill Tutush I along with his supporter Ali ibn Faramurz.

    In 1105, Barkiyaruq died in Borujerd, and was succeeded by his son Malik Shah II. It has been reported that his body was returned to Isfahan. However, some people say his tomb is in 5 km north of Borujerd, where today is a historical monument called Zavvarian.

    Affairs of the Empire during his reign

    During Barkiyaruq''s short reign, he had five viziers, three of them were the children of Nizam al-Mulk; Izz al-Mulk Husain, Mu''ayyid al-Mulk and Fakhr al-Mulk. The two other viziers were Abd-al-Dihistani Jalil and Khatir al-Mulk Abu Mansur Maybudi. During his reign, Barkiyaruq''s mostly focused on a way to find money to keep the expenses of the state.

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