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    * Abolabbas Saffah *

    Abu al-`Abbās `Abdu'llāh ibn Muhammad as-Saffāh

    ابوالعباس صفاح ، أبو العباس عبد الله بن محمد السفاح

    Abolabbas Saffah (The Shedder of Blood), (born 721 C.E - died 754 C.E) was the first Abbasid caliph (750 - 754).As-Saffah was the head of one branch of the Bani Hashem, who traced their lineage to Hashem, a great-grandfather of Prophet Mohammad, via Al Abbas, an uncle of the prophet. The Bani Hashem had great support from the camp of Ali, the fourth caliph, who had died in 661. As narrated in many Hadith (both Sunni and Shia traditions), they believed that in end times another great leader or Mehdi would appear in the family to which Prophet Mohammad and Ali belonged, who would liberate Islam. The half-hearted policies of the late Omavian to tolerate non-Arab and Shia Muslims had failed to quell unrest among these minorities.Concerned that there would be a return of Umayyad power, as-Saffah invited all of the remaining members of the Umayyad family to a dinner party where he had them clubbed to death before the first course, which was then served to the hosts. The only survivor, Abdorrahman I, escaped to al-Andalus (Spain), where the Omavian would endure for three centuries. Saffah turned back on his promises to the Shia community in claiming the Caliphate for himself. The Shia had hoped that their Imam would be named head of the Caliphate, inaugurating the era of peace and prosperity. The betrayal alienated his Shia supporters, although the continued amity of other groups made Abbasid rule markedly more solvent than Omavian.Saffah died of smallpox on June 10, 754, After Saffah's death his brother A Mansour became caliph and sent Abu Muslim to a battle with Abdollah who proclaimed caliph in 755 but as opposition rose against Abbasi rule, Mansour became suspicious of Abu Muslim and killed him the same year.

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