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    عباس پور

    (Wikipedia) - Abbaspur Abbaspur- a view from hill side

    Abbaspur is a small town located near Line of Control which divides Azad Kashmir and Indian Kashmir. It is the sub-divisional headquarters of district Poonch, Azad Kashmir.


    Abbaspur is located at Latitude 33°48''48.40"N, Longitude 73° 58''39.27"E and an Elevation of 3809 feet. Abbaspur is approximately 25 km from the Poonch city, Indian Kashmir and 167 km from Islamabad, Pakistan.


    Town originally named as Gowpal Pur was re named in early 1950s as Abbaspur after a pro-Pakistani Kashmiri leader Chaudhry Ghulam Abbas. Before partition of Indian and Pakistani Kashmir Gowpal Pur was an unknown place primarily used to breed cows. That is where the original name of GOWPALPUR meaning (Cows breeding place) came from.Abbaspur has a stronghold of Gujjar,Maldayal and Dhulli tribes.

    In 1947, during the Indo-Pak war over Kashmir, Muslim residents of Poonch city and neighbouring towns rushed to this site for a temporary refuge. Their main purpose to hanging around this area was to wait for a cease-fire and then go back to their permanent homes in Poonch. After few years the immigrant residents realized that their dream to go back to their native areas was far from true. Thus those immigrants started to rebuild their lives in this area. Immigrants from Poonch and neighbouring towns brought a rich culture of business, education and social city life to this area.

    Munshi Fateh Muhammad khan is known as baba e abbaspur because he founded and flourished Abbaspur city. After him his grand son Sardar Muhammad Asghar Effendi is continuing the legacy as a prominent political figure who has thrice been elected and was ex minister of health. In his time Abbaspur was declared to be a sub division of Poonch.Currently Chaudhry Yasin Gulshan is the elected MLA from Abbaspur.He belong to Gujjar cast.

    The population of Abbaspur is estimated at 100,000 people residing in two localities called Mahmoud Gali and Bari Gali. Also known as "Taat", the place is inhabited by major ethnic tribes called , Maldiyal,Gujjars and Dhulli followed by other minor tribes like Jatt,Kawaja, Pathan, Sadat, Awan, Malik, Sheikh, Duli, Sudhan, Querashi, Minhas, Magray, Satti, Thakkar and more. Although a mix of numerous tribes, the area is peaceful and incidences of theft, murder or harassment is at a record low.

    Coordinates: 33°48′N 73°58′E / 33.800°N 73.967°E / 33.800; 73.967

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