Image Remarks: Toos in Khorasan province of Iran. The Ferdowsi Mausoleum in Qajar era. Ferdowsi gave the final and enduring form to the Persian national epic, the Shahnameh (completed с 1010; "Book of Kings"), a poem based mainly on an earlier prose history. Clues&Views:The corpse of Ferdowsi was buried in his own garden because he was not admitted to the graveyard. Then his tomb became sacred for masters of Arts and Literature although it was razed several times, people rebuilt a mausoleum for him. His firth mausoleum was built by Sepahdar of Toos. 100 years after his death, Nezami Aroozi visited his tomb in this garden. 600 years later, after it was destroyed by Uzbek Obeyd Khan, Ghazi Noorollah Shushtari narrated his own visit to the tomb of Ferdowsi meaning that people rebuilt it. In Qajar era, Nasiroddoleh (Asefoddoleh) the governor of Khorasan built a brick monument for Ferdowsi. The last monument was also built by people after the World War I. The garden, museum and mausoleum complex of Ferdowsi is still considered a sacred place for more than one million visitors per year.

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