Image Remarks: Tehran's Ferdowsi Square in early1960s reminds the viewer of Paul Simons song: Cars are cars all over the world. A collection of colorful German, American, and British cars filled the streets. Clues&Views:Photo taken by Jack Gibson, whilst working on the installation of telephone systems in the city. Mr. S.Dideban supplied the following feedback: The photo is very interesting in terms of cars present in it: The blue car in front is a Chevy 56 Bel Air. Then the green cab is a Mercedes Benz 180, Taxis used to have white fenders. The orange taxi is a Hillman Minx. After that there are two Volkswagens, one has a silver blue color. In the back a land Rover and Green Chevy 6 wheel truck are visible. The white taxi looks like a Fiat. A Dodge Desoto is visible turning the Ferdowsi Square. Tehran residents remember those red Leyland double decker buses making lots of smoke.

Tags :Tehran , Ferdowsi Square , Car , Chevrolet , Mercedes , Volkswagen , Leyland , Fiat , Land Rover , Old Cars -Section :Place
Source/Contributor::David Gibson

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