Image Remarks: Tehran Ferdowsi Square 1950s; The old sitting statue of Ferdowsi, great Iranian poet that revived Persian language was replaced around 1960s. Ferdowsi is looking southbound, and the shadows indicate it must be 1-2 in the afternoon. Clues&Views:The unknown photographer took this nice picture standing at the south-west corner of the square looking towards Darvazeh dowlat. Mountains are visible at the end of the Enghelab st. The sign of Kelly tyres hangs on the right in front of a pharmacy and the sign on the left hand side 4 story building reads Lida Co. The 4th floor corner is shaped inwards unlike other floors to make more space for a balcony. The tall gray building further westward is the Royal Cinema. whatever might that guy wiithout a shirt be doing on the fence? he must have decided to take a quick wash on a hot day?

Tags :Tehran , Ferdowsi , Square , 1950s , Ferdowsi Statues -Section :Place
Source/Contributor::Tom Appleton

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