Image Remarks: Shiraz Textile Museum: The building was the first textile Factory built in 1925, now turned into the museum of textile. The old brick building is located inside a nice garden with citrus fruits which is a famous characteristic of the city of Shiraz. Clues&Views:Located at Shiraz National Library and Fars Documents center, there's an old textile machine inside. There's also a photo gallery of famous Chehrenegar family. The history of textile in Iran is as old as the history of mankind and much older than the history of many of today's living nations. In Behshahr, tools such as yarn spinners have been found that date back to 6,000 B.C. but the oldest piece of cloth has been found in Susa (Shoosh) which is as old as 4000 B.C.

Tags :Shiraz , Textile , Factory , Museum , Fars Province -Section :Structure
Source/Contributor::Farshid Ahmadifar

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