Image Remarks: Drawing shows special Sassanid Border Patrol units in Hyrcania called Savaran. They were quickly dispatched from castles in the area for swift attacks on invading Heptalites. Clues&Views:The Savaran are counter-attacking against invading Hun-Hephthalites in northeast Persia. The Sassanid High Command often channeled invading forces into “kill zones” and destroyed them by deploying Savaran units from castles along the Gorgan wall and other areas further east. The figure to the left is a Kushan warrior wielding the large east-Iranian straight two-edged swords. The central warrior (with armor and mail) is derived from the figure of Khosrau II and his steed Shabdiz at Tagh-e-Bostan in Kermanshah, western Iran. The right figure is a female warrior who is a local governess named; Paygospanan-Banu.

Tags :Sassanid , Border , Patrol , Hyrcania , Cavalry -Section :Arts

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