Image Remarks: A remarkable statue of Arash Kamangir(Archer) Legendary Hero of Ancient Persia in a park in Izeh. The story of Arash has been mentioned in Avesta and three times in Shahnameh of Ferdowsi. In a war with enemy, Arash is asked to throw a bow and end the war. Clues&Views:It's very possible that the word arch is deriven from Arash the Archer. Arash Kamangir fired the specially-prepared arrow at dawn, which then traveled a great distance before finally landing and so marking the future border between the Iranians and the Aniranians. The heroic epic of Arash has already inspired many books, games and movies.

Tags :Persia , Legend , Arash Kamangir , Hero , Izeh , Shahnameh , Avesta , Bow , Archer -Section :Person
Source/Contributor::َAria Boy

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