Image Remarks: Pasargadae Royal Palace is located 1300m NW of the tomb of Cyrus The Great. The 3192 m.sq infrastructure shows a central hall and two terraces on east and west side with openings to the Royal Garden and waterfront, it must have been a beautiful landscape. Clues&Views:Cyrus's legacy has been felt even as far away as Iceland and colonial America. Many of the forefathers of the United States of America sought inspiration from Cyrus the Great through works such as Cyropaedia. Thomas Jefferson, for example, had two personal copies of the book, "which was a mandatory read for statesmen alongside Machiavelli's The Prince."

Tags :Pasargadae , Royal , Palace , Achaemenid , Cyrus The Great -Section :Structure
Source/Contributor::Vivid Colors of Fouman

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