Image Remarks: Deposed Shah and his family. From left to right :Leyla, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, Crown Prince Reza, Queen Farah Diba, Shahnaz, Ali Reza. Apicture of Farah when she was younger is hanging on the wall. Clues&Views:On Sunday June, 10, 2001, Leyla was found dead in her room in a hotel in London by her doctor. The autopsy showed an unusual dose of drugs and cocaine in her blood, making her death look like a suicide. She was buried in a cemetery in Paris. On January, 4, 2011, her brother Ali Reza Pahlavi was found dead at his home in Boston, Massachusetts from an apparent suicide.

Tags :Mohammad Reza Shah , Farah Diba , Children , Pahlavi -Section :Person

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