Image Remarks: Iran Iraq War (1980-1988) A Woman in chador is holding her Child while passing over a grounded tank, one of thousands of Refuges who were displaced from their home, some of them were never to return because of loss of lives and property. Clues&Views:April,27, 2010 ) Arbitration court of the International Chamber of Commerce in The Hague ordered Britain to pay Iran $650 million for failing to deliver some 1,300 tanks although Iran had made payments in full in advance before 1979. Instead, UK sent the tanks to Iraq during the war with Iran (1980-1988) Britain, which has already frozen $1.57 billion in Iranian assets before this court order refuses to make the payment. The colonist British state has lost credibility all around the globe.

Tags :Iran , Iraq , War , Woman , Child , Refuge , Chador , Tank , Sacred Defense , Iranian Woman -Section :Military

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