Image Remarks: Iran Iraq War : A group of Iraqi officers inspect a map on the floor by a fleet of French Mirage F-1 fighter/bomber jet airplanes. The MIG fleet of the Iraqi air force was no match for Iranian Phantoms but western help, and embargo on Iran, tables turned Clues&Views:At its peak in late 1980s, Iraq Air Force had nearly 750 combat aircraft, including Soviet MiGs and Sukhois and French Mirage fighters; 40,000 men and 24 operating bases. But the 1991 Gulf War that followed Iraq's invasion of Kuwait devastated its ranks. Hundreds of planes either fled to Iran, never to return or were destroyed in the fighting. After the war, extensive no-fly zones were imposed over Iraq, and subsequent U.N. sanctions only made things worse. Hundreds of planes were cannibalized for spare parts, and by 2002 only 100 airworthy jets remained in service.

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