Image Remarks: An aerial map from the city of Fouman in Gilan, is 3 meters below the sea level and is 25km from Rasht and 360km from Tehran. Fouman seems to have an older history than Rasht. The word comes from Pou-Man which means a place to think in old Persian. Clues&Views:Fouman is known as the city of cookies and statues, specially Fouman's delicious cookies (koloocheh) have become a preferred taste nationwide, The traditional cookies made with walnuts and cinnamon are now made everywhere around Iran mostly with poor quality. Unfortunately the Foumanians have not industrialized their kooloocheh brand and it is possible to see low-quality Chinese competition in the future.

Tags :Fouman , City , Map , Gilan , Aerial -Section :Prints
Source/Contributor:: Fouman Municipality

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