Image Remarks: Every year, near the end of the winter Amoo Norooz or Haji Firooz is seen around Iran dancing and singing with the joy of a new spring. Clues&Views:It's Haji Firouz showtime Nowadays you see this black male figure dressed in red on every street corner around #Iran, and some other neighboring countries in which #Norooz is celebrated. They sing and dance celebrating the new year. People give them lots of tips for their street performances. Here's the songs they usually sing: Arbab-e khod-am salāmo ʿaleykom....Greetings my very own lord Arbab-e khod-am sar-eto bala kon!....Raise your head my lord! Arbab-e khod-am be man niga kon,....Look at me, my lord! Arbab-e khod-am lotf-i be ma kon....Do me a favor, my lord! Arbab-e khod-am boz-boz-e qandi....My very own lord, the billy goat, Arbab-e khod-am chera nemikhandi?....Why don’t you smile, my lord?

Tags :Norooz , Haji Firooz , 2011 -Section :Person

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