Image Remarks: Fragment of the Chalouf stele kept at Louvre, shows an Inscription by Achaemenid king Dariush the Great describing construction of a Canal connecting the Red Sea to Nile River in Egypt. Clues&Views:What can be read from all fragments put together: Great God Ahuramazda created yonder sky, created this earth, created man, created happiness for man. Ahuramazda made Dariush king, who bestowed on Dariush a great kingdom with good horses and good people. I am Dariush the Great; king of kings, king of all men, king in this great earth far and wide, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenid. I am a Persian; setting out from Persia, I conquered Egypt. I ordered to dig this canal from the river that is called Nile and flows in Egypt, to the sea that begins in Persia. Therefore, when this canal had been dug as I had ordered, ships went from Egypt through this canal to Persia, as I had intended.

Tags :Achaemenid , Dariush the Great , Canal , Inscription , Red Sea -Section :Arts

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