Image Remarks: One of tens of thousands of Achaemenid foundation Tablets (#040428) lent to the University of Chicago. These clay tablets depict inner workings of the administration of the ancient Persian Empire. Clues&Views:The fact that a Zionist US Federal Judge ordered to confiscate the invaluable collection of Achaemenid Tablets loaned to Chicago University’s Oriental Institute is a broad daylight act of theft and disrespect to world historical heritage and can only be named a barbaric judicial system. The University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute returned a set of 300 ancient Iranian tablets in 2004. The 300 tablets made of clay and impressed in cuneiform, record administrative details of the Persian heartland from about 500 B.C. They are among a group of tens of thousands of tablets and tablet fragments that were loaned to the University’s Oriental Institute in 1937 to be studied. A group of 179 complete tablets was returned in 1948, and another group of more than 37,000 tablet fragments was returned in 1951.

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Source/Contributor::The University of Chicago news office

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