Image Remarks: A Gold Bracelet (Armlet) from the Achaemenid Empire. It was probably adorn with precious Jewels with some artistic rendering of one of well-known symbols of the Achaemenid Persia; Symmetric Griffins. Clues&Views:Gold griffin-headed armlet from the Oxus treasure Achaemenid Persian, 5th-4th century BC From the region of Takht-I Kuwad, Tadjikistan The bracelets are similar to objects being brought as tribute on reliefs at the Persian centre of Persepolis. Xenophon tells us that armlets were among the items considered as gifts of honor at the Persian court. The hollow spaces would have contained inlays of glass or semi-precious stones. The bracelets are typical of the Achaemenid Persian court style of the fifth to fourth century BC.

Tags :Achaemenid , Jewel , Bracelet , Gold , British Museum , Deity , Griffin , Shirdal -Section :Arts
Source/Contributor::British Museum

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