Image Remarks: An Achaemenid Seal showing king Cambyses of Persia defeating Egyptian Paroah Psamtik III in 525 B.C. Psamtik was defeated at Pelusium, and fled to Memphis where he was captured. Cambyses was severely injured and died in March, 522 BC. Clues&Views:The graphics in this seal were designed in a simple way to be understood by common people. The date tree is symbolizes Egypt and Semitic people and the Pharaoh who claimed to be God is begging for his life while the king has 4 subordinates in chains. Cambyses, a warrior is seen wearing an Achaemenid crown while carrying bows and arrows on his back and forcing his lance on Pharaoh's shoulder for submission. This image shattered the image of Pharaoh forever. Although Achaemenid rule over Egypt did not last long but, it put an end to lots of misery of Egyptians.

Tags :Achaemenid , Cambyses , Seal , Psamtik 3 , Pharaoh , Egypt -Section :Arts

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