The year 2006 A.D.

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February, 17, 2006 A.D.:
Iran Calls For UK Iraq Pull-Out

(BBC) - Iran's foreign minister has called for the "immediate withdrawal" of UK troops from Basra, in southern Iraq.Manouchehr Mottaki claimed the presence of the British was destabilizing security in the city.But Tony Blair dismissed the comments, saying Mr Mottaki's aim was to "divert attention" f... Read Full Article:


February, 27, 2006 A.D.:
Bomb Blasts Hit Khuzestan

(BBC) - Iran has been hit by a spate of bombings in recent monthsTwo bombs have exploded in the southern Iranian cities of Dezful and Abadan, according to Iranian reports.In both cities, the devices were planted in the governor's offices, the official IRNA news agency says. No serious injuries were ... Read Full Article:


May, 12, 2006 A.D.:
Iran Newspaper Cockroach Cartoon Controversy

(Wikipedia) - The cockroach cartoon controversy of Iran weekly magazine arose over a cartoon, published in the Iranian holiday-magazine of Iran-e-jomee (Iran Friday), drawn by the cartoonist Mana Neyestani, an ethnic Iranian Azeri. The cartoon, published in the children's section of the newspaper on... Read Full Article:


June, 30, 2006 A.D.:
UNSC Resolution #1696: Suspension Required

After Ahmadinejad became president, the policy of dialog adopted during Khatami's presidency was soon replaced by a hardliner stance of confrontation. Iran resumed uranium enrichment and the IAEA referred the case to the UN Security Council. The UNSC resolution #1696 passed on June 31, 2006 endorse... Read Full Article:


September, 1, 2006 A.D.:
Iran Air Tours Crash Kills 28

On September 1, 2006, Iran Air Tours Tu-154 aircraft traveling from Bandar Abbas with 11 crew and 137 passengers on board burst into flames upon landing in Mashhad, Iran at 13:45 local time, killing 28 of those on board.The specific cause is not known, however it is believed that the nose gear tire ... Read Full Article:


September, 18, 2006 A.D.:
Anousheh Ansari Becomes First Iranian In Space

45 years after Russian Gagarin became the first person to reach space, Anousheh Ansari, an Iranian-American businesswoman reached space at the age of 40 and became the first Muslim woman and the first Iranian in space. Ansari lifted off on the Soyuz TMA-9 mission on Monday September 18, 2006 from Ba... Read Full Article:


October, 1, 2006 A.D.:
Royana, Cloned Sheep Is Born

Royana is the name of the second sheep born in the Royan research institute through cloning technique. The first sheep died few hours after birth. Cloning is a very complicated high tech method that enables us to reproduce exact copies of the original mammal with exactly the same genetic structure. ... Read Full Article:


October, 30, 2006 A.D.:
Modern Thinkers Party of Islamic Iran Founded

Modern Thinkers Party of Islamic Iran also known as MTPII, was founded on Oct, 30, 2006 as a modernist, moderate conservative political party. The party has supported justice, freedom, and "moral rule" of Iranian society, and to resolve community problems through dialogue with the political elite. D... Read Full Article:


November, 20, 2006 A.D.:
White House Dismissed CIA Draft

According to a report by the New Yorker magazine, the White House dismissed a classified CIA draft assessment that found no conclusive evidence of a secret Iranian nuclear weapons program. Iran's arch foe, the United States constantly accused Iran of trying to acquire WMD, while Iran systematically ... Read Full Article:


December, 11, 2006 A.D.:
Iran Hosts Conference On Holocaust

(Wikipedia) - The International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust was a two-day conference that opened on December 11, 2006, in Tehran, Iran. Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said the conference sought "neither to deny nor prove the Holocaust... to provide an approp... Read Full Article:


December, 23, 2006 A.D.:
UNSC Resolution #1737:Trade Sanctions On Iran

In February 2003, after revealing its uranium enrichment program, Iran claimed it was using the technology for peaceful purposes and invited the IAEA to visit. Driven by the corporate media campaign and AIPAC lobby, US alleged that the program is part of a drive to develop nuclear weapons and sought... Read Full Article:


December, 31, 2006 A.D.:
Saddam Hussein Sacrificed

Saddam was born on April, 28, 1337 in village near Tikrit. The Iraqi dictator who was on the loose after the fall of Baghdad was caught in a hiding hole dug underground on Dec, 13, 2003. His high profile trial for war crimes lasted for three years and he was executed by hanging on Dec, 31, 2006 on ... Read Full Article:

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