The year 1975 A.D.

in the Iranian History

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March, 2, 1975 A.D.:
Shah Announces Single Party System

Mohammad Reza Shah announced single party system throughout the country and all citizens became obliged to become a member of Rastakhiz party. After the fall of Reza Shah's despot regime on Sep, 16, 1941 people hoped that political freedoms will prevail but his son curbed all hopes by establishing a... Read Full Article:


March, 29, 1975 A.D.:
U.S. To Build 8 Nuclear Reactors In Iran

According to an agreement between Iran and U.S. authorities signed in Tehran, The United States agreed to build and operate 8 nuclear reactors in Iran. The agreement was made between Henry Kissinger and Iranian authorities to seal bilateral ties. Other items foreseen in the deal totalling 15 billion... Read Full Article:


April, 21, 1975 A.D.:
Iran-US Boost Academic Relationships

A flow of U.S. educators from Harvard to the University of Southern California headed for Iran to offer training and advice in everything from the latest audio-visual techniques to the peaceful uses of atomic energy, a need which Iran was willing to pay dearly for it.In March, 1975, Georgetown Unive... Read Full Article:


June, 9, 1975 A.D.:
UASF Officers Assassinated In Tehran

Tehran was shaken by assassination of two U.S. Air Force officers working with the military-assistance mission in Iran. In an Interview after a visit to the U.S., Mohammad Reza Shah called the assassins disgusting and blamed MKO for the terror plot while drawing a happy picture of Iran where farmers... Read Full Article:


June, 13, 1975 A.D.:
Iran Iraq Sign Algiers Treaty

One and a half month after the Istanbul meeting, Algerian leader Boumedian tried to mediate between the two arch foes during an OPEC meeting. A draft was presented in order to solve the border disputes between the two countries. After that, in three consequent meetings starting March, 15, 1975 that ... Read Full Article:

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